The Best Vacuum for Cat Litter

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Dealing with cat litter is something that every cat owner has to do. It seems as if no matter what type of litter your cat likes it’s going to get tracked outside the box, thrown over the side, or generally scattered in the area around the litter box. And the litter can also get tracked on your cat’s paws all over the house.

If you have ever tried those peal litters which are made of little silicon beads you know all too well the agony of stepping on those little beads with bare feet because your cat has tracked them around the house.

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The Importance of a Great Vacuum

Having a great vacuum that can handle cat litter effectively is a must for cat owners. But some vacuums just don’t handle litter as well as others.

It can be very difficult to find a vacuum that can easily sweep up all those little litter particles and protect your feet and your cat’s feet. Most cat owners have tried many different types of litter in an effort to keep the litter area cleaner.

But when was the last time you tried changing your vacuum instead of changing your litter?

There are many different pet-friendly vacuums on the market now that can handle litter, cat food kibble pieces, and anything else your cat can throw at them. And while some are pretty expensive some of them are very affordable if you’re on a budget.

When you have a cat it’s best to invest in the highest quality vacuum that you can afford as it will last way longer. But if you are limited by your budget there are options for you too.

Check out these pet vacuums that are designed to keep the litter area, and the rest of your floors, clean and sanitary for you and your cats.

The Dyson Ball Animal Pet Vacuum 


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If you have the money to invest in a high-end vacuum, the Dyson Animal is a fantastic choice.

It’s very lightweight (5 pounds) so even if you don’t have a lot of strength you can maneuver it easily. It’s bagless so it’s very easy to empty. And the unique pivoting Dyson ball makes it very easy to get this vacuum into tight spaces like around the litter box.

Why we like it: lightweight, easy to use, bagless, can pick up almost anything, versatile, pivot ball, sucks up large pieces, rechargeable

What we don’t like: the price

It can pick up almost anything so you never have to worry about it picking up all the litter pieces. Even litter that comes in large pieces like the litter made from a recycled newspaper isn’t a problem for this vacuum. And it will definitely pick up those maddening little pearls of litter that roll everywhere.

The only downside about the Dyson vacuum is the price. But if you can afford it, the Dyson is a high-quality pet vacuum that will last for a long time.

The Hoover Wind Tunnel Pet Rewind Vacuum


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If you are looking for something more affordable but still good quality this Hoover Wind Tunnel Pet Rewind vacuum is a good choice.

The cord is very long and it has an automatic rewind so you don’t have to waste time to wind the cord every time you need to get the vacuum out. Just tap a button and the cord retracts.

Why we like it: affordable, automatic winding cord, bagless, pet hair attachment included, good for tight spaces

What we don’t like: the hose tends to clog

Wind Tunnel is a bagless upright vacuum that only weighs about 18 pounds. So it’s easy to move and easy to get up and down stairs if your litter boxes are upstairs or down in the basement, however the Shark Rotator (below) is lighter, at just over 15 pounds.

It also comes with a nice attachment to vacuum up pet hair.

Like the Dyson Animal, this vacuum is easy to get into tight spaces. It has a specially designed edged head that will grab litter and other debris even in sharp corners. At over $100, this vacuum is a smart choice if you want quality that isn’t going to blow your budget.

The Shark Rotator Powered Lift Away True Pet Vaccum 

shark ninja

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The Shark Rotator is at the higher end of the price spectrum but remains more affordable than the Dyson Cordless Animal. Nonetheless, it’s well worth the money if you can afford it.

Our friend Sonya has used this vacuum for years and it’s never let her down. And because she has 7 cats and 9 litter boxes it gets a daily workout!

One of the great features that this vacuum has is an allergy filter and a HEPA filter. So when you’re vacuuming up litter it also vacuums up litter dust instead of releasing that dust into the air. It works well on cat hair too.

Why we like it: allergy + HEPA filter, long lasting, vacuums up litter dust, well-rated, lightweight (15.4 pounds), detachable canister

What we don’t like: the hose is short, only reaches about 6 ft.

Another great feature of the Shark Rotator is that the canister part separates from the rest of the vacuum to make it easier to get into small spaces. So if you have a litter box in a closet or in a small area and a regular vacuum doesn’t fit very well you can vacuum the hard to reach back edges around the box with this vacuum.

Even though it’s a little pricier than some of the other vacuums, it really pays for itself. 

The Shark Rotator makes it easy to keep the litter box area and the rest of the house dust, litter and cat hair free. An all-around vacuum, so to speak!

The Bissel PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum 

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Cat Owners | Fluffy Kitty

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For those who are looking for an affordable vacuum that does a great job on hard floors, this is a smart choice. It’s cheap enough that you could buy one just to keep in the litter box area.

Many people put litter boxes in the laundry area, in the basement, or in other hard floor areas. That means that litter can be especially hard to vacuum up. But this Bissell vacuum has a V-shaped cleaning head to make it easy to get into tight spaces and around corners.

Why we like it: budget-friendly, unique V-shape, good for hard floors, bagless

What we don’t like: not fantastic for pet hair, small-sized container

It’s bagless and has an easy to empty cup that catches debris. The cup is rather small so this is not a vacuum to use throughout the house. But it’s a great choice for the cat litter area.

Final Thoughts: Best Vacuum for Cat Litter

Ultimately you may have to read several reviews on the vacuums to see what works best on the type of litter that your cat prefers and on the type of floors that you have.

But keep in mind that a bargain basement vacuum isn’t going to do a great job on cat litter and probably won’t last very long.

A great vacuum is essential for cat owners. So invest in the best quality vacuum that you can afford. You won’t regret it!


  1. DM said:

    Have you ever used a Litter Robot?

    We are retired with the kids out of the house (except for the “rubber band man” who keeps bouncing back) and we rescue.

    (By rescue, I mean once we rescue, they stay with us until they cross over. Our average age right now is 10. All healthy with one FIV+ baby we rescued right after Harvey.)

    Anyway, having a dozen litter boxes was a pain, so we invested in six Open Air III Litter Robots. Expensive, but worth every penny. And the house doesn’t stink anymore.

    Just wondering. Hadn’t seen a review for it yet.

    Still dealing with Litter tracking on our HQVCL flooring, but on a much smaller scale.

    Investigating a vacuum robot. If you have a suggestion for that, I’m interested.


    March 13, 2018
    • Wow! Hadn’t considered a litter bot, but sounds super neat! We will have to look into it. Thanks for your comment!

      March 23, 2018

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