What Is the Best Fish Oil for Cats?

What is the best fish oil for cats ? Most pet parents naturally want the best possible supplement they can give their feline friends without breaking the bank. In this article we will review a number of fish oil products and sort through the pro’s and con’s of each.

First, though, it’s important to remember why fish oil can be an important addition to your cat’s diet.

It may come as something of a shock to Fluffy Kitty readers, but fish is NOT a natural food for cats. Learn about cat nutrition here.

Our Selection of Best Fish Oils for Cats

GrizzlyGrizzly's5 stars rating
Nordic Naturalratin 4
Omegeaserating 45
Vital Pet Liferating 45
Deley Naturalrating 45

Most wild cats much prefer easy-grip rodents and small mammals to slippery sort of prey that swims around just out of reach. Most of the cats we think about as ‘wild’ live in equatorial regions. The best fish oil products on the market to day come from cold water fish like salmon and trout.

Except for snow leopards, cougars, bobcats, lynx, and the occasional Siberian tiger, cats and cold water fish don’t even travel in the same circles. Why supplement with fish oil for cats?
Best Fish Oil for Cats | Fluffy Kitty

The Best Fish Oil for Cats Can Become An Ounce of Prevention

Giving Kitty a fish oil supplement is a pro-active step to ward off all manner of ills.

Not only does fish oil help to produce a sleek and shiny coat, it is a natural way to improve the skin health of cats.

More importantly, fish oil and the Omega 3 fatty acids therein improve your cat’s immune system and reduce inflammation, and therefore discomfort, throughout Kitty’s body.

Fish oil is a natural warrior against many diseases including allergies, asthma, gastrointestinal diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, diseases of the immune system, and any kind of cancer. Unfortunately, your cat cannot produce Omega 3 fatty acids in her own body, and so we supplement.

….Or a Pound of Trouble

However, there are risks associated with fish oil supplements.

Even the best fish oil for cats can carry risks including allergic reactions, and can interfere with Kitty’s blood platelet production.

Remember that fish oil – or canned fish – has little or no nutritional value for cats.

Nevertheless, such goodies pack big-time punch in terms of empty calories and the risk of obesity. In some cases, there is also the potential for exposure to heavy metal poisoning.

Before you add a fish oil supplement, discuss the benefits versus the risks with Kitty’s veterinarian. Also get information about proper dosage.

Meanwhile, here’s what we discovered as we searched for the best fish oil for cats:

Our Selection: Best Fish Oil for Cats

Number one on our list of best fish oil for cats goes to Grizzly’s 100% pure salmon oil.

Best Fish Oil for Cats | Fluffy Kitty

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Grizzly’s wild salmon oil is highly reputed for being an all-natural oil and quite frankly, the best bang for your buck. It promotes healthy coat, heart, and immune system. With it’s easy pump feature, supplementing your cat’s food becomes a breeze.

It’s 4 oz bottle is the perfect size to last, and the price is beyond reasonable for the quality. In comparison to other brands, this one’s a winner and is why it is our Fluffy Kitty selection.

Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Pet Oil Supplement

Best Fish Oil for Cats | Fluffy Kitty

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It seems we humans are not alone in our distaste for the fishy smell. Not only did a number of people find this product to have an offensive odor, some of their cats agreed CATegorically. Contrarily, some kitty owners attest that this is the only fish oil that they seem to like! Which one will it be?

Nordic Naturals state that this is a natural product and the ingredients are “derived from 100% wild, sustainable sourced anchovies and sardines.” 

We read that this fish oil is especially formulated for dogs and cats. This language makes us think this product is probably NOT un-fooled-around-with, but this is probably due to EPA and DPA percentages. Hence, dosage is very important when it comes to giving this supplement to your cat! Check the box for proper dosage amounts per your cat’s weight.

This product is the most expensive of the products we reviewed. A two-ounce bottle of this fish oil supplement retails for somewhere near 3 times the cost of others. Disappointingly, there is no indication in the advertising or labeling that there is a guarantee of any sort on this product, either. Hiss.

Omegease 100% Pure Omega 3, 6 & 9 Fish Oil for Dogs and Cats

Best Fish Oil for Cats / Fluffy Kitty

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This product receives stunning reviews from the humans who buy it. They claim almost instant results. Full, shiny coats with less itching means, to us at least, that the cats in question are ingesting the supplement.

This is an Icelandic product. The fish are caught and processed in Iceland, but the oil is bottled in the USA. This product is fairly affordable, and far less expensive than some other fish oil supplements we reviewed. This is a big plus. After all, if it’s too expensive Kitty may not get as much as she needs.

The picture of the dog on the label is much larger than the cat’s image, giving our resident feline paws. This is highly irregular! In spite of the aesthetics, this product guarantees results in 30 days or your money back.

Vital Pet Life’s Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

Best Fish Oil for Cats / Fluffy Kitty

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This is oil from wild-caught salmon. Some people believe that farmed fish may not be as healthy as their wild cousins. Interestingly, no such a debate is ongoing regarding the way sardines and other cold water fish are harvested – probably because they are not farmed. The debate around farmed versus wild salmon is an important distinction when it comes to the fish you serve your family and, therefore, may be of interest to you.

This supplement boasts that it is Made in America in an FDA approved facility. (Just in case you didn’t know, the FDA doesn’t inspect, approve, or otherwise qualify animal supplements. Nor does the FDA approve the place in which such supplements are made. This qualification may make you feel better, but is otherwise immaterial.)

A moderately priced sixteen-ounce spray pump bottle sells for under $20.00 and it comes with a money-back guarantee.

Deley Naturals Omega 3 Fish Oil For Cats

Best Fish Oil for Cats / Fluffy Kitty

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The marketeers  uses the words “wild caught,” a buzz word meant to hook you – the human. This oil is made from mackerel, herring, sardines and anchovies which are rarely if ever farmed commercially. Nevertheless, the name of the product focuses on cats.

The reviews for this product are almost anthems to fish oil and its benefits. Only two parents of these whiskered test subjects’ reported that their felines turned down their treated food.

The sixteeen-ounce pump bottle sells for around $20.00, roughly the average price for the products we looked at.

Final Thoughts: What is the Best Fish Oil for Cats ?

Probably the most important bit of wisdom we gleaned from this exercise is that one must read labels very carefully.  We remind you that the product description doesn’t have to tell lies in order to fool the consumer.

It simply has to lead you to one belief or another.  Look for straightforward language on the label. We appreciate those ingredient lists that simply say “FISH OIL.”

Among the products we reviewed, we find Grizzly’s 100% Pure Salmon Oil is the superior product. Not only is it affordable, it also has an informative label, and no questionable ingredients.  Best of all, it rates highest among the cats whose owners supplied information. At the end of the day. that’s the most telling indicator.

Best Fish Oil for Cats | Fluffy Kitty

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You could invest a small fortune in supplements before you really find out what is the best fish oil for cats. It all hinges upon this: what kind of fish oil will your kitty eat? This seems to be a function of purr-sonality and pref-fur-ence.

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