Best Corrugated Cardboard Cat Scratcher

There’s no need to tell you how important a good scratcher is for your beloved pet! Far from a simple toy, it represents the perfect combination of exercise, stretching and territorial marking. Cat scratching posts are proven to be not only a key component of their physical health, but also crucial to their mental wellbeing too. If you are a long time cat owner, you know that there is absolutely no way around it! It’s in his/her nature to scratch and if you do not provide him with the appropriate scratching post, chances are that your beautiful furniture will act as a replacement.

Scratchers come in many shapes and colors but if you’ve landed here, it’s because you were looking for an all time favorite of cats: the corrugated cardboard cat scratcher. They are not necessarily the best looking, but our feline friends go nuts for a texture that perfectly suits their sharp claws. Beyond this, they are environmentally friendly while also fulfilling their basic needs.

We dug deep into the scratching world to find the best corrugated cardboard cat scratchers!

Our selection at a glance


petfusion chart

34 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches


5 stars rating


gopet corrugated cardboard

15.5 x 8.5 x 8 inches


5 stars rating



19.2 x 1.5 x 7.5 inches


rating 45

The Meow Mommy

meow mommy

17.1 x 7.9 x 3 inches


ratin 4



19” x 9.5” x 1.75” inches


ratin 4

What is corrugated cardboard and why cats love it

Simply put, corrugated cardboard is reinforced cardboard. Our friends at customboxesnow explain it best:

“The term “corrugated” refers to a specific type of material that is actually composed of three different sheets of container board, which are basically like thick paperboard. The two sheets on the outside are flat liners and the sheet in the middle has a rippled shape.

A corrugated fiberboard sheet is created by gluing these three sheets together with a thick, starchy glue that is commonly used in the packaging industry. This means that corrugated cardboard is simply stronger than the regular cardboard that you can find as cereal boxes or other food packaging. You have probably noticed by now that cats adore cardboard. Whether to chew or to scratch there isn’t a cat that has not loved roughening up a good old cardboard box.”

If you’ve ever gone out of your way to buy an expensive product for your cat, unwrapped it, and found them jumping straight back into the packaging rather than playing with the new toy, you’ll know already that cats can’t resist a good box. Corrugated cardboard cat scratchers are just an extension of the natural inclination that cats have to run and play in the finest of packaging.

The difference between corrugated cardboard scratcher and other types

A corrugated cardboard scratcher is a good alternative to the traditional scratching posts and cat trees on the market thanks to its environmental aspects. Being made of a recyclable material (and possibly even constructed from recycled material initially) they provide a refreshing change  from cheaper posts which may either be constructed of non-renewable hardwood, or contain harmful chemicals that break down in their plastic materials. Often times, cardboard cat scratchers are also constructed with non-toxic glues.

Beyond that, they are surprisingly economical. When a more expensive, traditional scratching post breaks or if the sisal rope frays, often the only option is to dispose of it – thus avoiding harm to your cat from splinters etc, but often in the best corrugated cardboard cat scratchers, the material can be renewed, or the whole item can be replaced cheaply and environmentally.

The very best corrugated cardboard cat scratcher: PetFusion

corrugated cardboard cat scratcher
FInd it on Amazon

This scratcher provides an important horizontal angle for cats to stretch out upon. One of the biggest corrugated cardboard cat scratchers on the market, it also supports a huge amount of weight thanks to its sturdy construction. For those of your looking for something that will fit the decor of your house, the neutral tones and pleasing shape will suit your aesthetics. Some reviewers comment that it’s so popular in their house, their cats race to be the one who sleeps on it.


gopet corrugated cardboard cat scratcher
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This corrugated cardboard cat scratcher from GoPets has a surprising sense of humour one wouldn’t normally expect from their cat products. Uniquely designed, it has a smaller ‘nesting’ scratcher that can be removed from the larger shape to provide two surfaces (or space for two cats), or a place to hide treats and increase the stimulation provided. It is an interesting colour, comes with catnip included, and according to some very satisfied customers, is more durable than one would expect.


kong corrugated cardboard cat scratcher
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This offering from KONG is a little different, choosing instead to go for an inclined slope of cardboard over the traditional flat aspect. The real difference, however, goes beyond this. One of the main valid concerns for anybody purchasing a corrugated cardboard cat scratcher is the mess created once it’s been shredded to bits by eager claws. To combat this, not only do KONG provide a reversible pad to double the entertainment value, but also have designed their product in such a way as to be ‘no mess’, meaning that any cardboard residue (that doesn’t get taken away by the cat) is handily collected before it wanders too far. On top of the fact that you can buy replacement pads and recycle the old ones while you’re at it, this truly is a top product.

The Meow Mommy

meowmommy corrugated cardboard cat scratcher
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Meow Mommy have kept their corrugated cardboard scratcher simple. With only a wavy, horizontal pad, it doesn’t have any bells and whistles. However, it does boast one unique feature: it is 3” thick, by far the deepest cardboard pad available. This means that while it cannot be replaced piecemeal like some others, it will last a lot longer than them, improving its cost effectiveness by a great deal.


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Constructed entirely from cardboard, the SmartyKat is a similar design to the KONG, but lacks the same steepness of the incline, and it can also be used flat on the floor. Thanks to its size and relative low-profile, the company boasts that many can be dotted around your home with very little impact on the furnishings – indeed, having more than one in a house can reduce the chance that your cat will shred something near and dear to you. Thanks to a simple design, the entire box can be flipped over to give another surface when the first has worn out.

Corrugated cardboard cat scratcher DIY

While some of the best cardboard cat scratchers are available on the market for a very affordable price, constructed by experts to sturdy specifications, you can also make one of your own. Instructions are typically freely available online, at sites like Instructables; and require very little DIY knowledge and materials. Just make sure you are happy with the safety of your cat while using it, and that all harmful tools and materials (nails, splinters, sharp knives) are tidied away.

Corrugated  Cardboard Cat Scratcher: Final thoughts

Cardboard corrugated scratchers provide a great, cheap, and most of all environmentally friendly way to keep your cat entertained. The best corrugated cardboard cat scratchers will provide a safe place (that will save your furniture), and allow your cat to exercise while helping them work out tension and stay mentally healthy.


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