Best Cat Nail Clippers Review

Clipping your cat’s nails is either a hit or miss, depending on the cat involved.  Do you dread the next time you have to clip your cat’s claws? Then chances are you may be using the wrong nail clippers.

Choosing the right pair of cat nail clippers can make all the difference when trimming your cat’s nails.  There are certain techniques and special clippers designed to cut cat’s claws with ease and efficiency.  So if your searching for the how to do’s and the what to buy – then you’ve come to the right place!  Check out the best cat nail clippers review below!

Don’t have time to read the entire article? We’ve got you covered! Here is a quick overview of our favorites but you can check a full review if you scroll on down.

SafariSafari Professional Stainless-steel Trimmer$5 stars rating
Yolo Boshel nail clippers (cats & dogs)$$rating 45
whisker wishes nail clippersWhisker Wishes Veterinarian$$rating 45

Why trim your cats claws

It is highly recommended to trim your cat’s nails about every 10 – 14 days.  Keeping them properly trimmed is very vital to your cat’s overall health and well-being, especially if they are full-time indoor cats.

Trimmed cat claws also protects you, your family (perhaps children), guests, and your household furniture!

Please do not ever consider getting your cat declawed as this results in serious behavioral, psychological, and health issues.

Clipping them is easy if done properly and should only take a couple of minutes to complete.  Remember, cutting your cat’s claws should always be a peaceful and calm moment with your cat.

best cat nail clippers review

How you should clip ’em

The number one rule is to never cut to the quick – the slightly pink-colored part of their nail where all the nerves and blood vessels are.

Imagine how painful it is when you cut too much off your own nail and it bleeds.

Try not to make the same mistake while trimming your cat’s nails.  The white/clear part of the nail is the only thing that should be cut; it’s always better to trim off smaller portions than larger in order to avoid this problem.

If it does bleed (accidents do happen) always have your styptic powder (my family always uses Kwik Stop and we had cats, dogs, and parrots – worked like a charm) nearby for easy grabs, this will clog the blood and stop the wound from bleeding.

Tell kitty your sorry and take a rain check for proceeding in trimming the claws. Also, make sure the bleeding has properly stopped and watch him/her afterwards to make sure s/he does not lick the injury.  It should heal quickly.

Bottom line, if you are unsure where the quick is do not proceed in clipping more than the very tips to remove the claw’s sharpness.

Introducing the clippers and/or trimming time

Trimming your cat’s nails without a hassle really results from you training your cat/kitten to get used to the site and sound of the nail clippers.

Most vets and pet owners recommend introducing the clippers at a young age with the aid of a piece of uncooked spaghetti and a few treats.

In most cases, your cat will not need to go through this whole procedure if s/he behaves quite calmly.  If your cat is hostile when it’s clipping time, then make this process as gentle and slow as possible in order for your cat to get used to it.

best cat nail clippers review

How to Clip Cat’s Claws:

Method #1  

Practice sitting your cat on your lap with nail clippers (and a treat or two). Take kitties paw and press gently on top and bottom in order to extend the claws.  Observe your cats reaction.  If kitty is calm, proceed with clipping one nail, then two, three, etc. – if s/he retreats the paw do not squeeze or try and hold it in place, this will only add to his/her caution.

Just be patient, and start over.  If it is extremely difficult for you to cut kitties claws then remember it’s okay to do, say, one paw per day.  It’s better to keep the trimming session calm, you do not want your cat to resent you if you try to force clipping his/her claws.

Method #2

If you notice your cat’s behavior is quite hostile when hearing the clippers on his claws then try this method: Instead of clipping his/her nail, try using an uncooked piece of spaghetti.  Begin this procedure with the same steps as above.

However, when you gently press your cat’s pad and toes in order to extend the claws,  clip a portion of the uncooked spaghetti off at the same time you make the claws extend.  This results in a similar sound as if you were clipping the claw itself.  Reward good, calm behavior with treats to associate trimming time with yummy food. They love that.

Method #3

If you’re lucky, like we were, then your cat will already be used to you holding his paws, sitting on your lap, and you loving all over him.  The first time I clipped Yoda’s nails, he was curious about the clippers and agitated slightly from the sound and pressure on his nail.  I upgraded to nail clippers suited for cats and the next time I trimmed them he didn’t even notice.

This is why having a good quality pair of cat nail clippers will make all the difference when trimming your cat’s claws.  See our selection of the best cat nail clippers below.  For more information regarding cat nail care, we recommend this site.

best cat nail clippers review

What to cut them with

Our top selection goes to the Safari Professional Stainless Steel Trimmer.

A #1 bestseller for cat claw care and we don’t disagree. It basically encompasses everything you need for a cat (or dog) nail trimmer.  It’s top features:

  • It’s sturdy, for easy and precise trimming
  • Reliable brand people trust in
  • Has safe locking blades, to avoid cutting to the quick
  • Sharp, curved stainless-steel edges for easy visibility, maintenance, and durability
  • Easy to grip rubber handles for maintaining control
  • Inexpensive, a great buy for your buck!

Used by cat and dog owners alike, this nail trimmer is a winner.

Find it on Amazon!


I hesitated whether or not to put this next choice in first place. It is also a #1 bestseller in the Small Animal Health Supplies category.  The super efficient Pet Clippers by Whisker Wishes is of great quality and will not disappoint you.

whisker wishes nail clippers
See on Amazon

It’s top features:

  • Veterinarian approved
  • Stainless-steel blades, ensuring fast, clean cuts, no more splitting your pet’s nails
  • Easy-to-clean rubber-coated handles for safer control

It is a bit more expensive at regular price than your Safari nail trimmers featured above. But overall, this product is definitely worth the $ for your cats (or dogs).  You only need one pair for all of your pets! Unless you have horses or something..

Find it on Amazon!


Last, but not least is the Boshel nail clippers which is highly suitable for both dogs and cats.  It is more similar (in features) to it’s competitor pair of nail clippers by Yogo (above).  Nonetheless, it had to be in our selection of the best cat nail clippers.

Its features are:

  • Integrated safety stop so you don’t accidentally cut to the quick
  • Safety switch to lock in the clippers while not in use
  • 3.5-mm stainless steel blades, for efficient clean cuts
  • Offers an array of styles and colors
  • Includes nail filer inside the handles for convenience
  • Ensured quality, recommended by pet groomers

The cat nail trimmers by Boshel advertise it’s use mainly for dogs, but do not that let fool you.  Yes, the design is for cats, too, and some people only use it for that purpose.  Overall, an easy buy as the product is reliable and long-lasting.  It’s going to be a tough decision between these three great products!

Find it on Amazon!


Final Thoughts: Best Cat Nail Clippers Review

We hope you were able to find your perfect pair of cat nail clippers from our review! 🙂

We are certain that any of these three claw clippers will greatly enhance your trimming experience with your cat.  Remember to always be gentle and cautious when cutting your cat’s (or dogs) claws.

Thank you so much for reading! Find and follow us – Fluffy Kitty – on various social media platforms! But before you go, check out some of our other articles. Read about how to calm your cat down, or find the purrfect brush for your kitty!

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