Best Cat Food for Ragdolls

The Ragdoll is one of the nicest cats around. No other cat displays such a gentle nature. His beautiful coat and blue eyes are the reflection of this cat’s kindness. He was born in the 60’s in the USA. This breed was developed by Ann Baker, a breeder of Persian cats. Ann bred “Josephine” who was a domestic long-haired white female to other cats she owned or found. The kittens of this female had a very unique temperament that was very laid back and endearing.

Our Selection at a glance


Orijen$$$$15 lbsFresh meats, organs, and cartilage in ratios that mirror the natural diet

Rich source of amino acids such as Taurine (essential for his heart)

Source of DHA and EPA (reinforcing your cat’s immune and nervous systems)

Blue Buffalo$$11 lbsProtein-rich chicken, healthy complex carbohydrates, natural antioxidants

Weight management and lean muscle development

Healthy heart, digestion, immune system

Wellness$$12 lbsReal turkey, chicken, whitefish, herring, salmon oil and cranberries

Fish and flax omega blend for healthy skin and coat, Taurine for heart health

Enhanced with nutrients, antioxidants and probiotics

Today, the Ragdoll is one of the most famous breeds of cats all over the world: they love the company of their humans, much more than other cats. They tend to follow you around everywhere which makes them the perfect companion if you are looking for a new best buddy. They are rather big and tend to eat accordingly! Let’s try and find the best food for those puppy cats!

The Ragdoll in a nutshell 

  • Weight: 10-20 pounds
  • Life expectancy: 15-20 years
  • Morphology: Triangular head, long and strong body, sturdy bones, short and muscular legs
  • Coat: Medium length, silky. Little undercoat. Easy to groom
  • Character: Peaceful, loving, kind, loyal, intelligent, cuddly.
  • Health problems: Subject to the feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Heavy weight can cause joint problems on the long run. Ragdolls tend to have a fat roll on the lower abdomen which is often fine but needs to be monitored carefully.

Those specific characteristics are key to determine what is the best cat food for Ragdolls. Our choice is based on those traits and on experts advice. For more information about the Ragdoll breed, check out this pawesome video! 

The best cat food for Ragdolls: Why our selection 

To select the best cat food for Ragdolls, it is essential to take into account their characteristics.  Like any other cat, they need meat proteins and basic nutrients, but because they can be subject to heart disease and joint problems, it is important to find a food that contains the special ingredients that will contribute to avoid these type of problems. This is a cat that definitely needs a well balanced diet to thrive.

Orijen biologically appropriate cat food


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If you are looking for the absolute best cat food for Ragdolls, this would be it! It is by far the most natural cat food you will find after a homemade raw cat food diet. Why ? Simply because they select the best local ingredients to produce a top notch product free of any synthetic ingredient that are bad for your cat.

First of all, the main ingredient is real meat! Actually I should say real meatS! Seriously, which other brand includes cage-free chicken and turkey, wild-caught fish (Salmon and Walleye) and nest-laid eggs ??? Well, Orijen does it!

Anything else ? Yes sir!

  • Natural source of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, glucosamine and chondroitin.
  • Rich in healthy fats
  • DHA and EPA from fresh fish: essential for immune and nervous system
  •  This food also has an amazing low-carbohydrate, low-glycemic formula that supports a well balanced and healthy diet (contains less than half the carbohydrates found in conventional cat foods).
  • It includes Taurine (0,25%) for your cat’s little heart that needs to be protected.

So what’s the catch you ask? You probably guessed it, such an amazing food comes at a price. Once again, it all depends on what you are looking for but if you are looking for the best, then this is it.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness, weight control chicken recipe


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This one is also an amazing choice. They might not push it as far as Orijen but they are still doing a real good job!

This grain free formula is perfect for your Ragdoll. It is developed to help with weight management, making sure your Ragdoll stays in shape despite his laid back nature, muscle development, healthy skin and coat (it would be a shame not to take care a this beautiful furrr), healthy immune system, healty heart and eyes and healthy digestion.

We believe this is a pretty good combo!

What makes Blue Buffalo so special is also their “very special” ingredient. They call it “lifesource bits” and it’s a blend of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals cold processed to preserve every little bit of goodness.

Basically this food helps your little friend reach is ideal weight while providing a delicious and nutritious meal that answers each and every needs of your Ragdoll. It’s also a bit less expensive than Orijen.

Wellness grain free indoor formula


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Finally, if you are not satisfied with our two first suggestions, here is another good option: the Wellness grain free, a special food formulated for indoor adult cats.

It is also a protein focused nutrition food made with natural ingredients. It helps your Ragdoll maintain a healthy weight and it is fortified with antioxydants, probiotics, vitamins and minerals.

It contains the essential Taurine for your friend’s heart.

If you have a picky cat, the cool thing about this wellness product is that it is available in both Poultry and Fish-Free Formulas so you can adapt to his taste!

A little note: All the foods suggested here do not contain meat by-products. It does not mean meat by-products are bad per say, it’s simply a choice from those brands. If you want to know the truth about meat by-products, check out our little investigation here 🙂


Final thoughts: The right food for your Ragdoll

Have you found the best cat food for your Ragdoll ? We truly hope you did! Please let us know what your choice is in the comment section below. If you want to suggest another brand, do not hesitate to let us know which one and why.

At Fluffy Kitty, we love Ragdolls and that’s why we wanted to dedicate a special article to help their owners find the right food for them. Ragdolls have a tendency to grow big and you must therefore carefully monitor their diet. Let’s not forget that besides a good nutrition, the Ragdoll being a placid cat, needs plenty of interactive exercises and space for sufficient play to stay in shape !


  1. Gail said:

    I have three beautiful rag dolls and they are very picky eaters and some foods they won’t touch and others cause very stinky food. An owner of a higher end pet store said the best is raw but they won’t eat it so he said to try freeze dried. He said it’s the next best thing. I’d love to know your thoughts on this.
    Thank you

    January 30, 2018
    • Hi Gail! Thanks very much for your thoughts and for leaving us your comment 🙂 We definitely know how Rag Dolls can be picky eaters! What have you tried giving them as raw food? Maybe you could start incorporating it into their regular food, little by little until they’re used to the texture, etc?

      Have you tried wet food, or mixing a little bit of both? Freeze dried is great, we love giving Yoda freeze dried treats but we haven’t ever tried giving freeze dried as his main meal so it’s hard to say. But luckily enough Yoda isn’t very picky so we haven’t needed to try anything super creative a part from regular high quality dry/wet food + some (freeze dried) treats + a little bit of safe human food 😉

      If you end up doing a trial on the freeze dried, do let us know! We’d love to get your feedback so we can update our article. Thanks again and best of luck!

      January 31, 2018

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