Best Cat Food for Older Cats with Teeth Problems

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The best cat food for older cats with teeth problems is a very common concern among pet parents. Sadly, this is probably an inevitable question for most cat owners. It seems that when we domesticated the cat, we also domesticated her diet.

When we feed Kitty kibbles and/or soft canned cat food, it provides little or none of the tooth cleaning/gum stimulation of, say, nibbling on a raw Ostrich neck. If Kitty lived on the African Savannah and dined daily on wildebeest, her teeth would be in better shape. 😉

In this article:

  • Our selection at a glance
  • An ounce of prevention 
  • How to choose cat food for older cats with teeth problems

Copy of Our Selection of Foods for Older Cats with Teeth Problems

BLUE FreedomSoft
Stella & Chewy's Medium (freeze dried)
Go! Fit and FreeHard (to mix with warm water or gravy)

Cat Food for Older Cats With Teeth Problems: Prevention

The condition of your cat’s teeth has an enormous impact on its overall health. Yep. Other ailments will develop when Kitty’s teeth and gums are not getting the proper care they need.

She may not be able to eat without discomfort, and when nutrition suffers, so does Kitty. Taking steps to protect your cat’s dental health is an important part of being a good pet parent.

When plaque – the same stuff you fight in your own mouth – develops along Kitty’s gum line, painful inflammation often follows.

When an infection develops, it travels through the bloodstream to compromise your pets vital organs. Obviously, the responsibility for our four-legged kids includes regular trips to the vet for dental checkups and teeth cleaning.

Oh. And regular teeth brushing. (But that’s another article.)

The Best Cat Food for Older Cats with Teeth Problems/Fluffy Kitty

Fortunately, there is a new commitment among pet food manufacturers to the overall health and well-being of your pet. So, yes. A change in diet can help cats preventing tooth problems. Your first best source for information on cat health and nutrition is, of course, your veterinarian.

Foods promoting to have a special formula for older cats don’t always meet their needs.

FYI: cats don’t age the same as dogs or people. Your cat at one-year-old is effectively a young teen. At 7 to 10, your feline is a Senior cat citizen. At 12, she’s ready to enroll in Medicat. In the insult to injury department, we find no senior discounts that might make it worthwhile for Kitty to actually admit her advancing age.

Choosing Cat Food for Older Cats With Teeth Problems

If your cat has other health issues apart from arthritis she’s bound to have as time passes, your vet will suggest an appropriate food to fortify your friend.

Like their wild cousins, domestic cats don’t necessarily chew their food. In the wild, they mostly need their teeth for ripping and shredding. That’s a good thing because it means that they do not need teeth to eat foods as long as they are not too hard and tiny enough to be swallowed without too much discomfort. That means that domestic cats get by just fine with toothless munching.

  • Your Kitty isn’t Vegan.

Cats are carnivores. In order to thrive, they must have nutrients such as taurine and arachidonic acid, found only in animal sources. Look for real meat among the first ingredients.

(Tip: The word “meal” in pet food simply means that the natural meat undergoes dehydration during processing. In order to eliminate the word meal in the labeling, the meat would have to be complete with its water.

Watch those carbs! Essentially, things like grains, corn, gluten meal included in your cat’s food are more to produce a sense of fullness or satiety. They are non-essential to your cat’s health, so why buy them?

  • Senior cats benefit from Omega 3 fatty acids like DHA and EPA in their diets.

These can come in the form of supplement pills or liquid sprays, or they can be included in Kitty’s daily meal plan.

The Best Cat Food for Older Cats with Teeth Problems/Fluffy Kitty

Royal Canin and Natural Balance dry and wet foods contain these essential supplements as does Go! Fit and Free. Like other Omega 3 supplements, these derive from cold water fish like salmon and supply a boost to Kitty’s overall health.

  • raw diet is probably best for your kitty but freeze dried foods arrive in second place. 

Manufacturers like Stella and Chewy‘s produce freeze-dried cat foods to be re-hydrated at mealtime.  Another interesting offering is ZiwiPeak Air-Dried Cat Cuisine. This New Zealand company features choices like Beef, Lamb, Venison, or Mackerel with Lamb.  All of these blends supply the Omega 3 fatty acids by way of New Zealand Green Mussels.

  • Be wary of an all-dry diet. Dehydration can quickly overcome a senior cat.

If she’s not drinking enough, a diet of strictly kibbles won’t provide the liquid she would be getting if she were in the wild. Also if your cat swallows hard kibble without crunching them a tiny bit, they may face gastro intestinal problems. In that case there are a few things you can do :

  • Mix his/her usual kibble in warm water or gravy to soften it up
  • Mix his/her kibble with wet food and let it soak for a while
  • Transition completely to soft food (but do choose quality even if it’s pricier! Cheap wet cat food is the worst for your cat).

Final Thoughts: Cat Food for Older Cats with Teeth Problems

Our investigation reveals that the best food you can offer your elder-cat is the most raw and natural a diet you can find and afford. Good quality, high protein wet or dehydrated food comes in second.

The Best Cat Food for Older Cats with Teeth Problems/Fluffy Kitty

We happily report that there are various and sundry products on the market today that produce excellent, quality nutrition for older cats.

Unfortunately, medical issues often afflict older cats. Conditions like  arthritis, obesity, hyperthyroidism, or troubles with her heart and/or kidneys can develop as cats – and people – age.

These ailments will alter Kitty’s dietary requirements in her Golden years, making it nearly impossible to find a ‘silver bullet’ cat food that can take care of everything she needs.

Therefore, our research on this subject leads us to recommend that you consult with a veterinarian you trust about the best diet for your elder cat.


  1. Ed said:

    Great advice and thank you 🙂

    My best friend Kiddo, he’s a superstar at 10 years young and is the ultimate wingman whenever we’re seen together.

    The only thing is that he’s never touches dry food and his teeth are suffering which is why I’ve come here. We’re off to the vet this weekend to get his mouth all fixed up, which surprisingly he doesnt mind even though its an 80km trip to the vet each way (I live in the Wheatbelt of Western Australia) because he gets so much attention and wants to be friends with everyone.

    In the meantime, some great advice, which I’ll put to use now. You should see him, he loves helping me feed the wild kangaroos that come up to the property each night 🙂

    May 1, 2018
    • Super, Ed! Sounds like Kiddo is a great pal and a charming one at that! 🙂

      Hopefully our article led you to find some good cat food for senior cats, but definitely ask your vet when you go this weekend! What a fun road trip! We’d be happy to see your photos of Kiddo helping feed the Kangaroos! Write to us/send us a photo in an email so we can share on our Facebook (if you’d like!)

      May 1, 2018

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