Why Does My Cat’s Breath Smell Like Fish ?

Your cat just yawned in your face and now you suddenly have an urge to die ? As if while you were not here, your cat had eaten a dead fish? As a reward for being a good parent, he decided to thank you by breathing this warm and fishy smell on your face.

Why Does My Cat’s Breath Smell Like Fish ?

A piece of gum won’t solve the problem so it’s about time to understand what’s going on with this furry beast. Why does my cat’s breath smell like fish ? The answer now …


If you give your cat too much “human food“, there is a chance that tartar (yellow brownish deposit) will build up on his little teeth. Dental plaque is formed on your cat’s teeth by accumulation of bacteria.

It is the main reason why cats (and humans) have bad breath. Just be careful what you feed your cat with and do not worry too much if after a good nap your cat’s breath is worse than hell, it could get better (see our recommendations later on this page).


If your cat’s bad fishy breath is really strong and has been lasting for a while, chances are that he has a problem. It could be pharyngitis, gastritis or even a kidney failure… It could also indicate mouth disease.

Do not wait and go see your local veterinarian as soon as possible, he will be the one able to identify what’s wrong and fix it.


Do not forget that your cat cleans himself with his tongue. Yes, I know you have seen him licking his fur like a maniac! Our Yoda is exactly the same and sometimes, like every other cat, he does not only licks his fur…He also takes a great care in cleaning his little butt… That could also explain this little smoky smell that you notice when he opens his mouth. You are warned, don’t get to close it’s dark inside, it’s where his demons hide… ^^ (for those who didn’t get the reference look up the band Imagine Dragons) 🙂

What to Do to For This Stinky Breath

A good toothbrush

The easiest and fastest way to get rid of this fishy breath is to clean up those nice little teeth. For this you can find cats toothbrush and tooth paste! Yes you read it well 🙂

You could use a human toothbrush but it’s not as efficient. On the other side we do not recommend to use human tooth paste, it could harm the beast and nobody wants that! As for anything, if you want your cat to accept and get used to having his teeth brushed, it’s better to start early.

As for the frequency, 2 times a week should do the trick.

Kibble & dental chews

Kibble is one of the best options as it’s designed to fight tartar and plaque by making our little friend chew longer before he can swallow his food.

Any kind of kibble is better than wet food for this purpose but you can find kibble that is made specifically to fight against tartar. Similarly, dental chews can be very useful to guarantee healthy teeth for your cat. Using the natural chewing action to wipe away tartar!

A magic powder

PlaqueOff is a product specifically designed to fight tartar, plaque and bad breath. Just put the powder in your cat’s food. We only suggest this because some kitties wont let you brush their teeth that easily. This powder is an easier way to fight against the stinky breath.

A visit to the dentist

Well this one might not be as easy to pull off! Your vet could try to clean your cat’s teeth and take off the tartar but you know kitty won’t be happy about that. It’s probably the most efficient way and that’s maybe why it’s the hardest.

Final Thoughts: Why Does My Cat’s Breath Smell Like Fish ?

If you think about it, the main reason cats have bad breath is the same than for us. If you don’t clean that little mouth, bacteria will build up and create this naaaasty breath.

Even if it is less likely, be sure to check that there is not any other problems for your cat and treat him with a little check up at the vet as it could be more serious than you think.

Just remember that a “healthy breath” is a day to day process. Feed your cat right, brush his teeth and you will guarantee a long and happy life full of cuddles and kisses. We hope you enjoyed this article, more to come soon! Thanks guys we are off to … brush Yoda’s teeth 🙂

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