1. DM said:

    Have you ever used a Litter Robot?

    We are retired with the kids out of the house (except for the “rubber band man” who keeps bouncing back) and we rescue.

    (By rescue, I mean once we rescue, they stay with us until they cross over. Our average age right now is 10. All healthy with one FIV+ baby we rescued right after Harvey.)

    Anyway, having a dozen litter boxes was a pain, so we invested in six Open Air III Litter Robots. Expensive, but worth every penny. And the house doesn’t stink anymore.

    Just wondering. Hadn’t seen a review for it yet.

    Still dealing with Litter tracking on our HQVCL flooring, but on a much smaller scale.

    Investigating a vacuum robot. If you have a suggestion for that, I’m interested.


    March 13, 2018
    • Wow! Hadn’t considered a litter bot, but sounds super neat! We will have to look into it. Thanks for your comment!

      March 23, 2018

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