Excessive thirst in cats | Fluffy Kitty

Excessive Thirst in Cats (Polydipsia): What Does It Mean?

Do you have a thirsty kitty? Is s/he always lapping up water for minutes but still seems thirsty afterwards? Excessive ...
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Can cats drink vinegar?

Can Cats Drink Vinegar? Is It Safe or Toxic?

If you're wondering whether your cat can safely drink vinegar, or if it's safe to clean with vinegar in the ...
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can I give my cat fish oil? | Fluffy Kitty

Can I Give My Cat Fish Oil? Fish Oil: What You Need to Know About It

More often than not, cats are happy enough with a diet consisting of the standard cat food you can get ...
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can cats eat sardines header

Can Cats eat Sardines

Is there any image more stereotypical than a happy cat with a fish? As cat owners, we often worry about ...
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what kind of milk can i give my cat header

What Kind of Milk Can I Give My Cat

It’s a timeless image: a beloved cat stooping low, drinking a bowl of milk, lapping it up greedily, safe and ...
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Best Food For Cats With Sensitive Stomachs

As we all know, cats can be the fussiest of eaters. What might be their favorite food one day can ...
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what to feed a stray cat without cat food header

What To Feed A Stray Cat Without Cat Food

As Winter approaches, there is an increased chance that you may run into a stray cat or two in your ...
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little cats helping big cats header

Little Cats Helping Big Cats | Big Cat Rescue

Ever since I was little, I have always adored cats - big and small. As a child I was of course ...
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Can Cats Eat Ice Cream

Brace yourself, summer is here! It's getting hot outside and it's that time of the year where ice cream becomes ...
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can a cat eat dog food header

Can a Cat Eat Dog Food? What You Need to Know as a Pawent

After a month spent traveling all over Southeast Asia, we came back exhausted but full of unforgettable memories. In the ...
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what should kittens eat & drink

What Should Kittens Eat and Drink

Kittens kittens kittens... Who doesn't love a kitten? If you have recently adopted a sweet little kitten into your life, ...
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best cat food for persians header

Best Cat Food for Persians

The Persian is a very distinctive cat. With its unique morphology, he is one of the most famous cat out ...
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best cat food for british shorthair header

Best Cat Food for British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is a beautiful companion: round body, kind character, it's a well balanced cat with a robust nature ...
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Cat Nutrition

Ultimate Guide to Cat Nutrition

Searching for all the answers to cat nutrition? Well, you're in luck! Fluffy Kitty is doing the complete run down ...
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best cat food for sphynx header

Best Cat Food for Sphynx Cats

The Sphynx is one very distinctive cat! Whether you like it or not, truth is that it is by far one ...
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Best Cat Food for Ragdolls header

Best Cat Food for Ragdolls

The Ragdoll is one of the nicest cats around. No other cat displays such a gentle nature. His beautiful coat and ...
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are meat by products bad for cats header

Are Meat By Products Bad for Your Cats ?

When you read "meat by-products" on your cat's food, do you automatically think of it as garbage? At Fluffy Kitty, ...
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Best Cat Food for Strays

Best Cat Food for Strays

Do you have a stray Tom coming into your backyard every now and then?  If the wandering kitty isn't afraid ...
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Best Cat Food for Siamese

Best Cat Food for Siamese Cats

If you grew up with Disney movies, then you're probably familiar with the two mischievous Siamese cats that appear in Lady ...
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best cat food for maine coons header

Best Cat Food for Maine Coons

The Maine Coon is one of the most famous breeds of cats, especially in the USA. The Maine Coon is big ...
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