1. Georgie said:

    That was a very interesting article to read , even though I had learnt it along the way with you ! I’m sure it will help some other kitty krazy animal lovers like you ! It was alot of things to sort out , but of course I knew that wasn’t going to stop you ! So happy Yoda arrived safely with you , xxxxxxx

    July 26, 2015
    • Bribri said:

      We most certainly hope it will help them with the process!! And exactly, leaving Yoda never really was an option 😉 xx

      August 2, 2015
  2. Gabriel said:

    I loved your story. Congrats on a successful trip!
    My boy Monty and i will be traveling from TX to MN mid FEB. I’ve been a bit nervous and replaying a cat panic attack in my head since i purchased his ticket.
    He’s a big boy and his carrier is going to be snug. He can still turn himself around just cant stand completely up. I like the advice telling myself it’ll be ok! Thanks for sharing your story

    January 30, 2018
    • Awe thank you, Gabriel! We’re so happy you enjoyed our story of adventure! We guess Monty is riding with you in-cabin? We hope it will be a pleasant ride, and yes, no need to stress! As long as the carrier matches the airline’s in-cabin pet carrier policy, it should be okay! When in doubt, just give them a ring. I literally called Qatar airways like 3 times within 24 hours just to make sure they reserved a spot for Yoda, haha! Best of luck and thanks for reading! 🙂 Let us know how it goes after your trip!

      January 31, 2018
  3. Tina said:

    Hi Brittany, I found your article helpful and I wanted to thank you. The only thing you didn’t mention is what/How Yoda handled the whole experience with no access to his litter box/opportunity to relieve himself(?) My cat Nícola and I are relocating from Washington DC to Australia and I am nervous about her health/well-being/general comfort going from LA to Melbourne. The flight alone is 15 hrs and she has to be checked in with the freight department a full 5 hrs before departure time. All in all, she will be in her crate for about 20 hrs (if there are no delays. I have ordered DryFur pads to line her crate, but am still feeling unsure. Any info/advice you may have would be great. Thanks!

    March 19, 2018
    • Hi Tina, thanks so much for your sweet comment. We’re super glad you found the article helpful. I’ve must’ve mentioned Yoda’s litter situation in another article — I could’ve swore I talked about it on here somewhere, ha ha. Yoda did great on his long flight. I was worried before too, but he did not go to the restroom in his crate…only after we arrived in the apartment did he go, once he felt comfy enough.

      I actually couldn’t find a litter box in Kathmandu and just used a cardboard box and he hopped right in and did his business! The pee pad in the crate is a must for cats traveling internationally just in case of accidents, but I don’t think Nicola will go on herself. It depends how desperate they are but Yoda has always held his.

      We just flew in-cabin from France to Miami last week in a soft carrier, and he also did great on the 10 hour flight. Now, when we flew to Nepal, Yoda was also in a crate for about 20 hours but in cargo, like Nicola will be. It can be a little unnerving for us cat moms! Before checking him in, I took him to the ladies room in Philly and went in a big bathroom stall, took him out and sprinkled litter on toilet paper (lol) and was encouraging him to go right before his flight…but he was in a strange place and probably wasn’t thinking about tinkling before the long journey. I think Nicola will likely be the same!

      I would just recommend keeping Nicola’s crate out at all times so she can get used to it before flying. Also, short trips with her in it, like in the car, can help introduce her to what she will experience later. I also recommend getting a water bottle that attaches to the inside/outside, if you can, because when Yoda flew to Nepal he had an indoor detachable water/food bowl but of course, the water spilled and so I wasn’t sure how long Yoda went without. But then again, I’ve noticed Yoda doesn’t drink lots while he’s traveling… probably cause he’s thinking he won’t get to pee for a while lol! Best advice though is to double check all your papers, check to see if the crate is secure, and don’t be stressed cause she can pick up on it too. We wish you the best of luck and a safe journey! xx

      March 19, 2018

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