1. Patricia Logan said:

    Regarding introducing another cat. This is the scenerio, I am fortunate to live in a suburban/rural neighborhood. I have 3 16 year old cats, siblings. This past spring a visitor appeared and decided to stay. He appears to be about 2yrs coming into maturity and from the beginning he was submissive in body language and temperment. It is now December and he is now being fed (I waited 4 months) and here to stay. The problem is this, my cats are inside/outside cats, so the interaction for 2 of them is distant, guarded but peaceful. The other one is disturbed by his presence, growling through the glass door, all puffed up. This same cat lost her hearing this year which doesn’t help, she can’t hear the newcomers submissive meows. She has started meowing loudly through the night and having me well trained I get up, let her out, let her in and back to bed. I don’t allow “Mister” to come into the house but he has been here now for 8 months. He set up camp in a window well and I just put a bunch of straw in it for him to create a warm nest. He is well protected from the elements . My thought was to let “Sunshine” see me pet and accept this strange cat to let her know he was OK in my book. Getting them in the same area is difficult because he already knows she is unaccepting and leaves. Mister doesn’t know she is deaf and is probably quite confused as to why the others let me hang around, why not you? My concern also is the stress this is putting on Sunshine. Any suggestions?

    December 8, 2017
    • Hi there Patricia,
      Thanks very much for reaching out and sharing your story with us 🙂 How wonderful your kitties are well-seasoned and all siblings! I think this is the reason why Sunshine is having a difficult time accepting Mister. She had her family and all was well but now this strange neighborhood cat wants in to “steal” all the love and affection (hehe cats are territorial!) It would be helpful to keep them separated, but living in the same area. The indoor/outdoor situation is not really helping because they don’t ever have the time to sniff each other out and get used to each other. We often recommend separating into two different rooms and then letting them eat across the door, and then opening the door and letting them see each other while they eat. You could put there food bowls on the opposite side of the glass door maybe? So they will hopefully start associating good feelings with food and seeing the other kitty at the same time. Is Sunshine showing any stress indicators? It might not be too stressful for her, but annoying. What I do when we want to introduce Yoda to other animals is I pet the other animal lots and lots to get their scent all over me… Then I go cuddle Yoda. He is sniffing me all crazy-like but he doesn’t react mad because it’s me. So I always do this as the first step of introducing Yoda to another pet. You could try this – go cuddle one then go to the other – and then add the food on opposite sides of the door so they see each other. When it gets warmer, you can start opening the door a little.. Then more and more until they practically eat next to each other. I hope this helps! Keep us updated with your situation 🙂 and thanks again for sharing!

      December 11, 2017

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