Can I Give My Cat Pepto Bismol?

Cats tend to be fussy eaters; they will usually not eat something that does not appeal to them, and even ...
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can cats eat sardines header

Can Cats eat Sardines

Is there any image more stereotypical than a happy cat with a fish? As cat owners, we often worry about ...
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can i give my cat ibuprofen header

Can I Give My Cat Ibuprofen?

Medicating your pet is a delicate skill, one that requires you take care not to ignore symptoms, give the wrong ...
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Melatonin for Cats

No matter how in tune you are with your cat’s health, it’s not always easy to spot some of the ...
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Best Heartworm Prevention For Cats

Cats can pick up any number of parasites during their lives, some more serious than others. They get them through ...
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The 5 Most Common Health Problems In Cats

It’s winter, chances are you or someone you know has caught one bug or another. But did you know that ...
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Best Joint Supplements for Cats

As your cat gets older, you may discover that it begins to have certain medical issues. Cats are susceptible to ...
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Best probiotics for cats

As cat owners, it’s our duty to look after our feline friends. We can provide for their diet, help maintain ...
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what kind of milk can i give my cat header

What Kind of Milk Can I Give My Cat

It’s a timeless image: a beloved cat stooping low, drinking a bowl of milk, lapping it up greedily, safe and ...
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Best Food For Cats With Sensitive Stomachs

As we all know, cats can be the fussiest of eaters. What might be their favorite food one day can ...
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Can Cats Eat Ice Cream

Brace yourself, summer is here! It's getting hot outside and it's that time of the year where ice cream becomes ...
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what should kittens eat & drink

What Should Kittens Eat and Drink

Kittens kittens kittens... Who doesn't love a kitten? If you have recently adopted a sweet little kitten into your life, ...
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How often should I take my cat to the vet for a check up header

How Often Should I Take My Cat to the Vet for a Check Up

Did you recently get a new little friend and are constantly worrying about his well being? Let me tell you, ...
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can cats cry when they are sad header

Can Cats Cry When They Are Sad ?

We know for a fact that cats can cry. The question here is to identify whether or not there is ...
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do cats help with depression and anxiety

Do Cats Help with Depression and Anxiety

Did you know that millions of Americans suffer from anxiety disorders and/or depression, or most oftentimes both? It's highly likely ...
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How to stop my cat from meowing

How to Stop My Cat From Meowing So Much

Is your cat constantly meowing at you like a baby that won't stop crying? You've fed him, cleaned his litter ...
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how to stop my cat from biting me header

How to Stop My Cat From Biting Me

We often hear people talk about how cats can scratch us with their sharp claws. Let's not forget that cats ...
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Why is my cat so vicious header

Why Is My Cat so Vicious ?

When our Yoda was still a kitten, I was often surprised by his behavior with us. One moment he was ...
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my cat ate gum header

My Cat Ate Gum: What Should I Do ?

Our little beasts will always surprise us! It seems that once in a while, they like to cause us some ...
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my cat has bad gas how can I help him header

My Cat Has Bad Gas, How Can I Help Him ?

Good day to you fellow furiends! It's no doubt that our little friends are among the most elegant and distinguished ...
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