Your cat’s dental health is of the utmost importance, but a lot of owners find it difficult to keep on top of. Sometimes it’s tough to figure out what kind…

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Cats are complex creatures with complex needs, that’s why we humans have created elaborate pieces of furniture to satisfy them (but also, let’s be honest, to provide a bit of…

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As cat owners, it’s our duty to look after our feline friends. We can provide for their diet, help maintain their coat, and make sure that they keep safe at…

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“It’s close to midnight, something adorable’s lurking in the dark,” sang Michael Jackson – well, sort of. Halloween is a time for trick-or-treating, candy, skeletons and ghouls. It’s a time…

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Is there anything a cat loves more than the security of a high place? From leopards to house cats, our feline companions never feel safer than when they are watching…

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Cats have an urge to scratch, it’s an unavoidable fact about our feline friends. More than that, it’s a need that crosses over social, biological, and environmental boundaries. You can…

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