1. Mary said:

    My concern is that my cat will not let me touch her or pick her up. I have had her now for ll months and she was ll months old when I got her. She is rather large black and white cat with a very long fluffy tail (almost as long as her body!) She was born and raised at a shelter and had severe siblings. She was last of her family to be adopted. She seems heathy, eats well, likes to be in rooms with me and sleep in BR with me…under the bed usually or at my feet. Yesterday,however, she peed on the bed in area where I sleep! WHY? Will she ever let me pet her, pick her up, come to my lap or “cuddle” with her? Is peeing on the bed the beginning of another problem even though litter box is cleaned daily and always available?

    January 17, 2018
    • Hi Mary, thanks for reaching out to us! It sounds like your kitty might be a little lonely and this could be why she’s acting out. She had fur-iends around her as a young kitten and maybe she is missing kitty contact. Does she seem aggressive when you go to cuddle her? Or is she just disinterested? Have you tried all the classics, like calling her and rewarding her with treats when she takes it from your hands? Playing with her minimum 15 minutes a day? Creating a special bond with a cat can vary from owner to owner, some cats just don’t like to be cuddled as much as others and this will depend lots on the cat’s purrsonality, too. If she’s peeing on your bed in the spot where you sleep, it’s usually a big indicator that something’s up or she was recently uncomfortable, unhappy, bored, mad, and is feeling vengeful. We write about why cats pee on beds here in our article. You should read through it and see if any of it applies to you and your fluffy kitty. Thanks and we wish you the best moving forward!

      January 19, 2018

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