1. DJ's Mom said:

    Well our boy chasing things that are not there. Meaning on top of the cupboards and scratches the ceiling. Will sit and wait for hrs looking at the wall waiting for car lights to go across the walls at night and early in the morning. Has always been standoffish even as a kitten. I can pick him up and he will cuddle me. But normally is not very affectionate. He excels in other areas though. He is a wonderful guard cat and will play with 3-5 yr old children trying to duplicate what they do. Example he loves playing with the puzzle toys. We love him just the same. He does have a older sibling that bullied him so that could be a lot of it.

    August 20, 2017
    • Brittany said:

      Hi DJ’s Mom, thanks for dropping by! Your boy sounds like a silly kitty! Cats are very intriguing, all of them are unique in their own ways and that’s what makes them so special! Yoda can be a bit odd at times, too, but we love him even more for it! He loves being chased and rolling over on the ground for belly rubs (hehe). Thanks so much for sharing your story with us! Always happy to hear from Fluffy Kitty followers. We wish you the best with your sweet boy!

      August 23, 2017

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