1. Rachel Adams said:

    Thanks, great post. Almost all the cat scratching posts I have seen where made of Sisal, but of all cats who have ever resided in my home there was only one who actually used its post. Fozzie my latest cat does not use his. Instead he scratches one of my kitchen chairs horizontally and a big suitcase that I no longer use horizontally. I wouldn’t term them ecological, but at least “recycled” by the cat. The most popular scratching post of Fozzie and neighborhood feral cats is one of the palm trees in the garden. It does give them incentive that some doves reside on the top of said trees. You mentioned something about body language of cats and scratching. Could you say more about that topic?

    January 4, 2018
    • Thanks Rachel!! That’s funny how Fozzie prefers the horizontal scratching posts – our Yoda loves to stand up and stretch on the vertical ones. Yes recycled is a good word for that, haha! Cats mark their territory and can show signs of pleasure, boredom or distaste when scratching. For example, Yoda loves to run and scratch on his scratching board every time we come home – this shows how content he is that we’re back (then he rolls around on the floor all pretty like to show off his fluff). Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

      January 5, 2018

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