1. Ed said:

    Great advice and thank you 🙂

    My best friend Kiddo, he’s a superstar at 10 years young and is the ultimate wingman whenever we’re seen together.

    The only thing is that he’s never touches dry food and his teeth are suffering which is why I’ve come here. We’re off to the vet this weekend to get his mouth all fixed up, which surprisingly he doesnt mind even though its an 80km trip to the vet each way (I live in the Wheatbelt of Western Australia) because he gets so much attention and wants to be friends with everyone.

    In the meantime, some great advice, which I’ll put to use now. You should see him, he loves helping me feed the wild kangaroos that come up to the property each night 🙂

    May 1, 2018
    • Super, Ed! Sounds like Kiddo is a great pal and a charming one at that! 🙂

      Hopefully our article led you to find some good cat food for senior cats, but definitely ask your vet when you go this weekend! What a fun road trip! We’d be happy to see your photos of Kiddo helping feed the Kangaroos! Write to us/send us a photo in an email so we can share on our Facebook (if you’d like!)

      May 1, 2018

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