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cozy egg tart cat bed review

Fluffy Kitty Product Review: Cozy Egg Tart Cat Bed

Calling all pet pamperers! Today Fluffy Kitty has got a special treat for you. Our friend Breezer over at MeetIDEA ...
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my cat has diarrhea but seems fine / Fluffy Kitty

My Cat Has Diarrhea but Seems Fine: What Should I Do?

"My cat has diarrhea but seems fine! What should I do?" comes the frantic phone call. Breathe, pet parent. You've ...
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Best Cat Carriers | Fluffy Kitty

What Are the Best Cat Carriers?

How do you know what are the best cat carriers? There is an amazing array of cat carriers available at ...
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How often do cats need shots | Fluffy Kitty

How Often Do Cats Need Shots ? Our Guide

Pet parenthood is so much easier when all veterinarians are in lock-step. On this subject, they are not. Alas, we ...
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Tuft + Paw Sustainable Cat Furniture Design Competition | Fluffy Kitty

Win $1,500 with Tuft + Paw Cat Furniture Design Competition!

Hi Fluffy Kitty followers! In today's post, our friends over at Tuft + Paw give us all the juicy details ...
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Why do cats pull their hair out | Fluffy Kitty

Why Do Cats Pull Their Hair Out

Why do cats pull their hair out ? When cats engage in hair pulling behavior you may be frantic to ...
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