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Baby Yoda Fluffly Kitty

Yoda’s Adoption Story!

Here's the story of how we adopted Yoda <3 July 2014, we had just arrived back in the States from our ...
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How Old Is a Cat in Human Years? Fluffy Kitty

How Old Is a Cat in Human Years?

It's pretty easy to just ask a fellow human how old they are, but it's not so simple when it ...
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Best cat collars - Fluffy Kitty

The Cutest 7 Best Cat Collars You Must Get for Your Kitty

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat, choosing the best cat collar for your kitty is essential. With all ...
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Can Cats Be Autistic? Fluffy Kitty

Can Cats Be Autistic ?

If you own a cat, then most likely you know that cats often develop "human-like" diseases (think of diabetes, cancer, ...
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Can I Use Essential Oils on My Cat ? Fluffy Kitty

Can I Use Essential Oils on My Cat ?

There are many things us cat parents wonder about. "You think Yoda can eat that?" "Do you think he would ...
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Cat Teeth Chattering | Fluffy Kitty

Cat Teeth Chattering: What Does It Mean?

Is your feline a chatterbox? Cat teeth chattering may seem like a bizarre notion at first, but most cat owners ...
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