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Can I Use Essential Oils on My Cat ? Fluffy Kitty

Can I Use Essential Oils on My Cat ?

There are many things us cat parents wonder about. "You think Yoda can eat that?" "Do you think he would ...
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Cat Teeth Chattering | Fluffy Kitty

Cat Teeth Chattering: What Does It Mean?

Is your feline a chatterbox? Cat teeth chattering may seem like a bizarre notion at first, but most cat owners ...
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bells on cat's collars header

Should I Put a Bell on My Cat’s Collar ? Pros and Cons

To put or not to put, that is the question. In our last article, we discuss whether or not you ...
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Should I Put a Collar on My Cat ?? All About Cats and Collars

Cats and collars--though quite the catchy phrase, the two are less commonly associated than, say, dogs and collars, right? You ...
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Excessive thirst in cats | Fluffy Kitty

Excessive Thirst in Cats (Polydipsia): What Does It Mean?

Do you have a thirsty kitty? Is s/he always lapping up water for minutes but still seems thirsty afterwards? Excessive ...
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best cat insurance

The Best Cat Insurance: Our Review

When it comes to their cat, most owners would do nearly anything to keep them from harm. That's why many ...
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