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Human food that cats can eat


Cat Chin Acne | Fluffy Kitty

Cat Chin Acne | Causes & Solutions

Have you ever noticed some pesky scabs and open sores on the bottom side of your cat’s chin? These scabs ...
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Best Cat Food for Kidney Disease | Fluffy Kitty

Best Cat Food for Kidney Disease | Our Top 3

Kidney disease is fairly common to find in cats and is a completely manageable condition. While no specific cure exists ...
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Seresto Cat Collar Review | Fluffy Kitty

Seresto Cat Collar Review | + Our Personal Experience

Fleas and ticks are some of the most pervasive problems for furry felines, particularly those who venture into the great ...
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How to Make Homemade Cat Shampoo | Fluffy Kitty

How to Make Homemade Cat Shampoo

Whether your feline friend likes it or not, bath time can be a necessity for their health. You may be ...
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Why is My Cat Always Hungry? | Fluffy Kitty

Why Is My Cat Always Hungry? 3 Possible Causes

Do you feel like your feline friend always pounces on you, ready for the next meal? No matter what time ...
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Why Do My Cat's Eyes Water | Fluffy Kitty

Why Do Cat’s Eyes Water? Causes & Solutions

Has your cat demonstrated that he might have a difficult time seeing? Maybe he is squinting more often than usual, ...
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